Moving from isolation to collaboration is considered to be the most significant competitive edge for the 21st century.  We work with health care organizations of all types and sizes to develop coherent (well-organized and integrated) teams where everyone works to the top of their capacity and understands how their role affects the whole team. Team members, including patients and providers, are happier, more productive and financially viable. We work with you to change a single process or engage in a complete organizational transformation.

group of professional medical team closeupOur cutting edge methodology integrates: health care culture dynamics, engagement leadership, collective intelligence in teams, lean principles, project management competencies, state of the art facilitation, and creative conflict resolution with proven results in:

  • Successfully achieving benchmarks, including financial goals
  • Internal shifts in role identity to stimulate team innovation
  • Increased resilience and the ability to overcome obstacles
  • Aligned improvements that engage rather than deplete

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COHERENT IMPACT provides a fresh alternative to traditional change models that have failed us and led to a bankruptcy of change. In many traditional change efforts the adage “many hands make for light work” does not hold true. In fact, in traditional change many hands often make for more work and greater aggravation because initiatives are implemented in systems with silos where people are isolated, working in “teams” alone together. These teams have minimal coherence with the IQ of each member usually well above 100, while the team IQ is considerably lower than any individual IQ, often lucky to reach 50. The results of traditional methods speak for themselves with 50% to 80% of change initiatives failing due to problematic execution, 70% of workers reporting they are disengaged and this disengagement costing between $450 and $550 billion annually in lost productivity.


ISN’T IT TIME YOU INVESTED IN SOMETHING DIFFERENT?  We work with you to move from isolation to collaboration by developing coherent teams where many hands do indeed make for lighter and more enjoyable work. Productivity, financial viability, engagement, and sustainable change are the natural outcomes.  See Methodology  and Consulting Services for full details.

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Working with Christine [on the Massachusetts Health Care Initiative] was great…her ability to facilitate consensus from diverse stakeholders MADE AN IMPOSSIBLE TASK MERELY DIFFICULT.

David Keller, MD Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs & Clinical Transformation
Department of Pediatrics, University of Colorado


PRINCIPAL – Christine Johnson, PhD, is principal of Coherent Impact. Her successful health care change approach is a creative synergy of medical thinking and change management thinking. Christine’s approach has been profiled in the international Oxford Journal, published January 2015, Successful Organizational Change Methodology (Oxford-Advance Copy). A one page Executive Summary is available Exec-Sum-Oxford-publication-Jan-2015. Proven strategies for engagement are profiled in Physician Leadership Journal, published Sept. /Oct. 2015, Leading for a Highly Positive Change Experience, showcasing a health care organizational change initiative where Christine served as Transformation Director.