Engagement is Intimately Tied to the Bottom Line

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Engaged workers are the lifeblood of their organizations... [Workplaces with engaged people] have significantly higher productivity, profitability, and customer ratings, less turnover and absenteeism, and fewer
safety incidents than those [with disengaged workers].

Gallup's 2013 State of The American Workplace Report March 30, 2016

I am grateful to a fellow change management colleague of mine who recently brought some key Gallup figures to my attention during our conversation. The most recent Gallop Report on the state of the American workplace brings front and center the high cost of failing to engage our workers. Amidst all the facts and figures that are spewed out to us daily, what is unique about the Gallup figures is the comprehensive research that supports the data. One of Gallup’s key findings is noteworthy — organizations with 9.3 engaged employees for every one disengaged employee had 147% higher earnings than their competition. Since the USA workforce has an employee disengagement rate of 70%, using a change management strategy that motivates rather then depletes workers is of vital importance and is directly linked the bottom line. Effective change management is not a luxury but rather one of the most economically sound things an organization can invest in. Why is that so many leaders overlook the obvious — organizations change when the people in them change?

State of the American Workplace Report 2013 (1)


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