Interdependence and Transformation

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When tiny, tiny things start happening a million times, it becomes a large thing.

Muhammad Yunus April 29, 2016

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Recently I had the privilege of hearing Muhammad Yunus talk about micro finance and social business. What struck me the most was the way his caring motivation fueled his ability to step into the unknown and innovate to make life better for those who are struggling. He emphasized that he had no idea if his ideas and actions would work but he knew he had to try and keep trying until he found a way to help the poor. Over and over again he stressed that he always started small and over time found like minded people to continue the work together. Eventually his efforts have grown into the billion dollar Grameen Bank and the new concept of social business as an empowering and sustainable way to create health and well-being for all. There are two constants to everything he does: 1) working together in interdependence with the understanding we are all in this together and 2) transformation comes about by daring to step out and away from status quo solutions. I am inspired by the way Muhammad Yunus thinks, steps into the unknown, and acts. To witness the empowering and inspiring presence of Muhammad Yunus watch:

Muhammad Yunus at Becker College

Healthcare is one area that cries out for this kind of creative, courageous, innovative type of thinking and action. Fortunately there are insightful organizations that are using just this approach to transform healthcare. A few noteworthy organizations are Rethink Health, HeartMath Institute and the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health. These organizations work to foster healthy people across systems and to create thriving communities that serve everyone in them.  For further details see:

ReThink Health

Heartmath Institute

Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health

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