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More and more in my coaching work all over the world, I am finding that executives feel stuck, because they have sacrificed a personal sense of meaning at the altar of efficiency

Phillip Merry August 29, 2018

Our world is shifting from an industrial, Newtonian paradigm to one that is more quantum based and holistic. These times call for innovative ways to lead organizations that are continually bombarded by increasingly complex issues and greater chaos. We cannot repeat the age old solutions and expect them to work in our transitioning world.  Einstein stressed “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Logic is no longer enough, while logic is necessary it is not sufficient. To survive in these times, let alone thrive, a more holistic approach is needed where leaders have access to a larger sphere of intelligence. Leaders will increasingly need to learn to trust their heart as well as their head.

Heartmath Heartmath.org has accumulated an impressive amount of rigorous scientific research to show how the heart affects stress management and intuitive decision making. Further, their research has demonstrated how the heart is intimately connected to the brain in regulating the way in which executives make decisions. In fact, the heart sends more messages to the brain than vice versa.

Leaders can bring both head and heart to organizational management by including an overall sense of meaning and purpose (heart) into the work being done, especially in efficiency efforts (head). Without a sense of overall purpose and meaning, efficiency exists in a sterile environment and employees often take on an assembly line mentality. For leaders to be effective at conveying meaning they need to walk their talk, otherwise it is just one more talking head. Leaders who rediscover and recommit to personal meaning in the work they do inspire employees to respond in kind. In a global environment where stress and burnout are becoming ever more common using an integrated head and heart approach holds a beginning promise for a new day.

The inspiration for this blog came from the following article Inside HR.com


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