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With Christine’s expert leadership we met or exceeded time frames and we experienced a significant reduction in total medical expenses...We also saw significant improvements in communications among the care teams resulting in increased productivity and efficiencies.

Stephanie L Ledoux, MS, HSA Director, Health System Alliances, CVS August 25, 2018

Our change management methodology stimulates high performing, innovative collaboration by integrating: health care culture dynamics, engagement leadership, collective intelligence in teams, lean principles, project management competencies, and creative conflict resolution. 

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4  Core Implementation Strategies

  1. Solving practical problems together – Teams include individuals from other areas with different goals to promote cross-functional innovation and cohesive problem solving.
  2. Expansive, multi-directional and connecting approaches Introducing new communication styles to  promote aligned communication and action across functional areas.
  3. Modeling facilitative leadership  Empowering participants for increased engagement at every level.
  4. Encouraging an expanded organizational vision  Using new models to guide action.

Depositphotos_10304415_original4 Types of Change Management

  1. Coaching and Training Working with individuals and teams within the organization to stimulate full-functioning.
  2. Conflict Resolution and Negotiating – Galvanizing individuals and groups to resolve interpersonal conflict leading to creative and innovative solutions.
  3. Connecting – Understanding reality through the eyes of participants.
  4. Consulting – Focusing on the organization as a whole for cohesive performance.


  1. Successfully achieving benchmarks.
  2. New ways of conceptualizing work for innovative solutions.
  3. Internal shifts of role identity.
  4. Highly positive experience of major system change.