Negotiation & Conflict Resolution


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Christine's conflict resolution skills are amazing and I called upon her more than once to help with what seemed to be irresolvable issues. Christine understands the changing medical environment and is passionate about healthcare. I would not hesitate to bring her on board to assist in conflict and or change management.

Jean Sanders, RN, Former Administrator Aquidneck Medical Associates August 25, 2018

Distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy conflict resolution makes all the difference between success and failure in any endeavor. In today’s workplace, understanding how to effectively negotiate agreements between diverse stakeholders is a necessity. Coherent Impact combines the best thinking in negotiation and conflict resolution to support you in proactively preventing conflicts and guiding you in successfully navigating creative resolutions in your current conflicts.

Christine Johnson, Principal of Coherent Impact, is a negotiation and conflict resolution expert. She has 15 years of professional experience negotiating diverse stakeholder agreements and creatively resolving conflicts with individuals and teams. Christine is a graduate of the Harvard Law School Negotiation and Leadership Program and is a facilitator and negotiator for the Global Negotiating Firm INCS