Together We Can Be The Change We Want To See In Health Care

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At Arrowhead Health Centers we know health care so well that we provide it for free starting on day one for all our employees and their families. It wasn't always this way, though, and that's why it's important that we keep challenging assumptions so we can learn and grow as a company. Back in 2007, Arrowhead Health Centers moved from a fully-insured health plan to a self-funded health plan. We learned a lot in the transition - so much that we were able to take our knowledge and share it with other organizations.

The Arrowhead Health Centers Story Book version 6.0 September 30, 2016


I was recently out in Phoenix, AZ and had the distinct pleasure and delight to meet David Berg, Co-founder of Arrowhead Health Centers offering multi-specialty care and Cofounder and Chairman of the Board of Redirect Health offering high quality, affordable health care directly to businesses  The picture that opens this blog is on the walls of Redirect Health as inspiration and as a reminder that we cannot go it alone if we are going to profoundly change our health care system for the better. I was moved and inspired to see the remarkable and innovative health care system they have set  up.  They are one of the few systems I have seen that has done a first class job of manifesting the Triple Aim by creating a health care system that offers 1) great patient/customer experience 2) lower costs and 3) healthier people with the metrics to prove it. They organized their health system around putting patients first and asked patients what they wanted and what was important to them. From this point of entrance they developed core values they use as their organizational true north. Along with putting patients first they concurrently emphasize the power and magic of teamwork because they know that equal attention needs to be paid to both the team and patients. Arrowhead makes a vital point that health care transformation cannot happen individually but rather true transformation can only happen with teamwork. In fact, teamwork as well as positive, helpful and friendly are organizational core values. To hear more about this health center in a webinar by David Berg visit

The Arrowhead Health system has done an outstanding job of integrating vision and core values with standardization. Both the vision and the standardization integrate into a finely woven fabric that is pioneering and forward thinking. Over the years, they have perfected the art of offering Triple Aim health care to all their employees and what is more – the health care is free to all employees.  Arrowhead is able to do this because they have cut out the administration and the waste that is so ubiquitous in health care these days driving the cost ever upward with no value added. Arrowhead has been so successful with offering free health care to their employees that they are now offering high quality health care directly to businesses around the country through an organization called Redirect Health. I left my visit to both Arrowhead and Redirect Health inspired and grateful to see how much power we actually do have to change our health care system today.

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